Emotion: To Save It Up or Let It Flow

I am a cryer. Anyone who knows me well, knows this about me. I cry over the big things and the things that seem so insignificant it is ridiculous. (I most recently spent the end of the movie Parental Guidance with tears streaming like rivers down my face. Wasn’t that supposed to be a comedy?) So I guess you could say that I am flabbergasted by those strong souls around me that can refrain from shedding tears when emotional events occur in their lives. I keep expecting those people to someday just explode, all of their pent up emotion showering down on those around them like monsoon rain showers in Cambodia.

So, that is the question I’d like to pose to all my fellow bloggers and followers out there. Is it better to save up all that emotion or let it flow whenever the mood strikes? Here’s the thing, though… what if it doesn’t seem as if you are purposefully saving it up. What if the urge to cry really never comes? What does that mean?


One thought on “Emotion: To Save It Up or Let It Flow

  1. I often find that if I am swept up in a story or song, I just let it out. Sometimes, it might bleed into what I write, and you can feel the emotion in my words. Its a good form of self expression.


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