Blog-o-Rama Day 4: In My Cup


This beautiful Imperial glass belonged to my grandmother. I never actually saw her use it. It sat in a glass front cabinet in her formal dining room. I wonder if she ever filled it up and sat back in a comfy chair with a sigh. If she did, I wonder what drink she chose. Tonight, I’m drinking Beringer Red Moscato. It’s nothing fancy, but it sure is fruity and delicious.

As I sit here pondering the inheritance of this stemware, I realize just how much I don’t know about my grandmother. I loved her more than words can express, and I miss her warm wisdom daily. I regret I never got the opportunity to know her more as a woman, and less as a grandmother. She was an irreplaceable grandmother, so she must have been an irrepressible woman.

Here’s to you, Grandmother. You will forever be in my heart.

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